The Elder Futhark: Uruz

The Elder Futhark: Uruz

I’m running a bit behind on posting the next rune in the Elder Futhark, so let’s get into it. This week, I’m writing about Uruz, being the second in Freyr’s ætt. Uruz is an interest rune with both positives and negatives. So, let’s look at it.

Uruz’s Meaning

Uruz is the rune of the auroch or wild cattle. The auroch was the ancestor to our modern day domesticated cattle. It is now extinct, albeit fairly recently. The last auroch died in Poland in 1627 from natural causes. These suckers were huge — some being nearly 6 feet at the shoulder. Our ancestors were certainly familiar with them seeing as they existed two million years ago until 1627. A shame really that they went extinct due to disease, reduction in habitat, and unrestricted hunting. I could go into their history and the attempts at recreating them, but that’s not really the subject of this post.

Uruz is Ur or Yr in Anglo-Saxon and Ur in Old Norse. It is akin to the “U” sound in English. Because Uruz is the auroch, it is the symbol of wild, untamed power and untamed potential. It means strength, wildness, masculinity, freedom, courage, and even change, often in a sudden and unexpected way. It can mean male sexuality, although that’s usually reserved for Ingwaz.

Divination with Uruz

Uruz is an interesting rune to have in a cast because it is the symbol of vitality and strength. In many ways, it’s a positive rune to have, depending on where it is in the layout and what runes are surrounding it. If Uruz is in a place in the cast which is what obstacles you might face, then it can be an unwanted rune, because it may be saying that the forces against you achieving your goal are powerful and may be difficult, if not insurmountable, to overcome. But in many casts, it suggests a strong force helping you. But be careful, Uruz can bring about some pretty powerful changes that you might not foresee, and your life can become chaotic with such a rune at the helm.

Of course, reading Uruz in a casting depends on the other runes and its placement, as well as the skill of the interpreter. Usually I am quite glad to see Uruz in my casts, but you may have a different experience.

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6 thoughts on “The Elder Futhark: Uruz

  1. I have reached the point to where I absolutely DESPISE the Uruz Rune. In only two months, I have drawn that specific Rune and in BOTH cases, BOTH of my two Black Cats were VIOLENTLY KILLED. I am sobbing hysterically and have come to accept that this blasphemous second Rune is and always will be my demise.

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your cats. That is terrible. It’s interesting you mention that because Uruz can be wildly destructive like the auroch because of its power. Virtual hugs. It is always awful to lose a beloved pet, let alone two.

  2. Really Amazing site I’m in Need of A “Master Of The Ruins To Be Initiated by the Master one has to become the Keeper Of The Knowledge it Brings an to Respect My Nordic Tribe & To Learn the Beauty of The Magic & Wisdom they Possess.
    Sincerely, Erika Arely Cruz

    1. Thank you. I think you can just learn what you need on the Internet. You don’t need a Master of the Runes to initiate you.

  3. I have just had an on line reading where the reader told me with regards to my uruz rune, to be “careful where i put my strength at the moment since i don’t know how powerful my will is, accidental damage might have more effects than i intend or desire and could be more of what has come before.! ”
    Its a tad cryptic given i am in my crone years, does anyone understand what she means ? do i need to be careful in case i break a leg or careful not to upset anyone? i don’t have any pets and i don’t drive..

    1. Wow, that is cryptic. Did the reading have a point or was it a general reading? And what runes were around Uruz? The context depends largely on the runes around it. What kind of spread?

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