Why Would You Read This, or How a Skeptic Became a Heathen

I am not your typical religious fanatic. Hel, I’m not even sure I am a religious fanatic. Why anyone would give a shit and read my blog is beyond me.  I do not hold my truths as being the only truths, but I do follow Tyr, the god of truth and laws, so don’t be surprised if I get a little insistent at times.

I do not proclaim myself a priestess, gothi, gythia, or whatever the name is when somebody speaks of them.  If you’re looking for someone to lead you, it ain’t me.  Deal with it.

I am a skeptic.  I was raised Catholic and even went through parochial school for a time, but that was pretty much enough to beat religion out of me. One thing that did secretly attract me was Norse mythology, which I suspect was Tyr calling me.

When I grew up, I put aside foolish notions of religion and became an engineer.  I worked on rockets (yes, I was a rocket scientist).  The more I read from the Judaeo-Christian religions, the more I hated them.  It’s not the message of Jesus, per se, it’s everything else around that message and the total lack of logic of the entire Christ story.  Anyone with half a brain could see through the arguments. The other part of the Bible is full of a hateful, vengeful god. That isn’t a god I would follow. I will, however, follow a god who would literally give his right hand to ensure our existence. The other problem with Christianity is that there are so many people who cannot accept science as fact and look at the Bible as a textbook.

I accept science as fact. Science changes because our knowledge of the universe changes, but it is the way we learn about our universe. The facts as we see them today may not be the facts of tomorrow. Science deals with facts and observations, but it is not Truth. The nature of facts tend to be fluid, which is why people often run to religion.  They want something that they can point to and say: “This is true.”  It’s hard to do that when we don’t have all the proof to our facts.

So, why do I believe in the gods?  The reality is that I struggle constantly with the concept that there may be gods. And the gods tell me in no uncertain terms that they exist.  So, I accept their guidance and their help, even if they may just be the figment of imagination of a crazy woman.  They don’t tell me to do harmful things (why should they?) and they know damn well I use my reason to discern right from wrong.

I love the Havamal.  In particular, I love the Cowboy Havamal, which I could totally see Odin get behind.  Like everything in Heathenism, it’s more guidelines than actual rules.

You may have already noticed that I have a sense of humor. I believe you have to have a sense of humor to deal with our world.  If you read any of the stories about our gods, one feature that appears prominently is a sense of humor, something that the Judaeo-Christian god lacks. Yes, our stories have vengeance, anger, cruelty, jealousy, but there is also humor, kindness, forgiveness, and self sacrifice.

I’ve been known to quote from popular culture as well as from pretty heavy hitting sources. I blend them as I see fit. Don’t be surprised if I quote from scientists, religious texts, and Doctor Who all at once.  In fact, just expect it.

I have been called intense by those who know me. I also have the uncanny ability to work with animals that has been called by others “fucked up.”  (That’s a technical term.) Basically, if there is a domesticated animal present, it will seek me out.  Dogs and cats are more likely to be attracted to me.  (Honestly, I do shower every day.) Occasionally, I’ve had other animals — wild animals — attracted to me.  No clue.

As the old Indian said in Little Big Man, “Sometimes the magic works, and sometimes it doesn’t.”  I have scars from when that magic doesn’t work.  (It’s occasionally, though rarely, doesn’t.) Usually it’s my own fault. And usually with spectacular results.

Oh, and I have a hard time believing in magic.  So, I am really a ball of contradictions.

Why I Called This The Rational Heathen

If you’ve read this far, I’m sorry. I have no clue why I call this blog The Rational Heathen. Maybe it’s because I hold up beliefs to the light of Science and hope I can come up with some clever rational explanations.  Or maybe I just get tired of the woo-woo and I want some facts.  Hel, I might even go back to agnosticism at some point. But I kind of doubt it.  Tyr is persistent.