Summer Solstice 2023

Summer Solstice 2023

It’s that time of year again! Summer solstice has returned. This year is probably the coldest summer solstice I’ve experienced in a while. 32F or 0C the day before. So, for those of you under a heat wave, I’m feeling pretty chuffed with our weather. Skadi decided to make this summer a bit on the chilly side. All good.

Oh yeah, and for those in the Southern Hemisphere, a Happy Winter Solstice!

Roundup of Solstice Articles

Here is another roundup article of summer solstice themed articles I’ve written in the past. Check them out:

Watch the Summer Solstice Sunrise Over Stonehenge 2023

You can watch the entire sunrise over Stonehenge livecast HERE . Check it out.

Yeah, you may have noticed, I don’t exactly write enough about the summer solstice. Maybe I’ll change that in the future.

Have a terrific summer solstice. Stay cool! (Or if you’re celebrating winter solstice, stay warm!

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