The Darker Side of Heathenry [Premium Content]

The Darker Side of Heathenry [Premium Content]

Image of Hel by Tara Ryzebol . Used under the    
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license 
and the GNU Free Documentation License

I read an interesting post about the dark deities recently and it got me thinking about why the darker gods and goddesses have become more popular in recent years.  Rokkatru with its many members  is a viable part of Heathenry and Loki has grown in popularity, certainly in part due to the popularity of the Marvel character and the actor who plays him.  Even I am technically honoring a Jotunn when I honor Skadi.  And yeah, Loki does come by from time to time to annoy me, if nothing.

That being said, one pagan witch (yeah, I read Wiccan blogs, get over it) thinks that the popularity of the dark ones seem to coincide with the times we live in and something big and tranformative coming up.  I can’t say anything of that magnitude, but I do have some thoughts and theories…

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