Being Chosen by a God or Goddess

Being Chosen by a God or Goddess

Happy Yule Folks!  I hope you’re having a wonderful Yule season. 

I’ve talked about being bitch-slapped by the gods and being chosen.  Apparently there are a couple of posts that talk about toxic relationships with deities and how one shouldn’t call it chosen, but called.


So, let’s talk about what I think is happening, as one who got a rather loud and sudden cho…ahem, calling.

My Own Experience (tl;dr: If you know the story, skip to the next section)

I was a deist/agnostic going on atheist.  I am a skeptic, which made the following story a bit hard to deal with.  I had rune sets before I became Heathen (long story, that), have had dreams that have come true, and have an unnatural power with animals.  (My husband swears that 500 years ago I would’ve been burned at the stake.) 

So, one night several years ago I was casting runes (okay, yeah, it seems odd that an agnostic would do this) and after getting an answer, asked who was telling me this.  The first rune I pulled out was Tyr’s: ᛏ.  Then, I pulled out three more.  They spelled: ᚦᛟᚱ. 

I was stunned.  I knew all about the Norse gods and goddesses from my study of the myths and legends, but have not one, but two talk to me?  Seriously?  That night I did some soul searching.  Was this a joke?  Did I read into something that didn’t really happen?  I felt confused.  Then, I started hearing Tyr in my mediations and dreams. Boy, howdy, did that confuse me even more.  Eventually I turned to other Heathens who were able to help me sort it out. 

When You Don’t Pick Up the Phone When a God Calls You

My experience with the gods wasn’t something that I was particularly looking for. (Although someone might successfully argue why I was asking who was sending me messages, let alone playing with runes.) I now recognize that I received “callings” in the past, but I was too clueless to recognize them. And even if I had, at certain parts of my life when I was younger I was a serious Roman Catholic.

When a god or goddess really wants you, calling just might not be enough. Humans are notoriously dense sometimes and sometimes it takes one grabbing the person by the scruff of the neck, picking him or her up, and shouting “look at me!”  If you’ve had that experience, after you’ve changed your pants, you know the god or goddess has chosen you.  You’ve maybe received “calls,” but apparently you’ve never made the connection.

Abusive, or Something Else?


Those of us who do have gods who have laid claim to them can probably attest to the suddenness of the encounter.  In some cases, the gods are bullies and should be avoided at all costs, but in many cases, that isn’t the situation at all.  It’s not that the god or goddess is abusive or bullying, it’s just that they haven’t gotten that person’s attention, for whatever reason, aka cluelessness. So, being deities, they do things in big ways when the small ways don’t work.

That being said, I never advocate entering a relationship with a god or goddess until you understand what they want from you and figure out how they’re going to treat you.  I set ground rules with Tyr from the get-go and he was fine with them. I understand that it reduces my contact with him, but at the same time, it is a safe relationship.

Ground Rules for Dealing with Relationships with Deities (and

Anything Else)

  1. Never enter into a relationship with an abusive being (deity, human, or supernatural)
  2. If a deity tells you to do something against your morals, something that harms you or other people, or something that puts you or others in peril, don’t do it and break off communication.
  3. If a deity tells you to do something against the law, don’t do it and break off communication.
  4. If the deity hurts you physically, spiritually, or emotionally, get out of that relationship.
  5. If a deity bullies you, get out of the relationship. 
  6. Set ground rules immediately.  Don’t get yourself lost in a relationship with a god/goddess. 

Obviously there might be exceptions, but these are good guidelines. For one thing, you might not be talking to a deity but may be dealing with a mental illness.  In this case, seek psychiatric help.  Even if the deity lays claim to you, you can refuse the claim and get out.  Sometimes seeking another, more benevolent deity who is willing to intercede on your behalf will protect you.

My point to all this is that just because a deity chooses you, it doesn’t necessarily make it a toxic relationship. What I’ve found is that quite often being chosen is simply a way for the god or goddess to make themselves known.  You have to choose back, too. 

For years I didn’t understand/trust Skadi.  I knew her as a dangerous goddess. But I didn’t understand that for as dangerous as she is, she is also kind in her own way.  We have a bond that goes back decades (gods, I just admitted I’m old) but it took work to establish a — dare I say it? — friendship.  Tyr and I are closer because of my very nature, but Skadi is becoming a goddess I speak to more and more.

I hope this helps anyone chosen by a god or goddess.  Let me know about your own encounters.

10 thoughts on “Being Chosen by a God or Goddess

  1. Thank you for the information. I just recently realized that Aphrodite has been calling out to me…however I think Hecate has been as well… so I was searching to see if it’s at all possible for two dieties to reach out to you. I’ve always studied and felt a connection with Greek and Roman mythology. I am an eclectic but my main path is Hellenism.

    1. Thanks for your comments. Two gods/goddesses can indeed reach out to people. Although this is a Heathen blog, my guess would be the same would be true with Hellenism and other pagan beliefs.

  2. Hi! I recently had the realization that I kept seeing signs of Aphrodite and as soon as I realized I got the craziest chills/ deja vu feelings. I had recently heard about dieties but I didn’t give it much thought at the time, now I’m trying to do some research and figure out what’s going on with me. Can you give me any tips as to what my first steps should be?

  3. I have 2 deities chose me when I was younger and I chose them back, but years went by and I disconnected from them after my mother passed away. Just to find out that even after almost 10 years of no communication one stayed with me and protected me. I’m currently trying to rekindle the relationship I have with her. She never gave up in me and I shouldn’t have walked away.

    1. I’m sure she understood. Your mom’s death was pretty traumatic. I know my mom’s death was, even though we weren’t on the best of terms. Hugs to you. Hang in there. Right now my gods are kind of quiet, but I figure it’s just the nature of the turbulent world. I’m not the only one in need.

  4. I think the Goddess Freya has been calling out to me? At first, I thought she was my spirit guide but she could have been Freya all along? I don’t know what to do and I’m nervous, I don’t want to upset anyone and I don’t know what to do!

    1. Gods and goddesses aren’t necessarily subtle. If you think it’s Freyja, then give her an offering she might like and see if you get a response. Suitable offerings include wines, mead, teas, food offerings, etc. It doesn’t have to be fancy–a few heartfelt words and a request if she’s interested to let you know. No biggie.

  5. Jag har blivit utvald av en gudinna helt underbart 🖤🖤jag känner hennes kraft inom mig för att hjälpa andra när hon inte kan truly blessed tacksam för att hon har valt mig så nu ska jag dekorera mitt hem efter henne

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