When Did the AFA Join the Westboro Baptist Church?

When Did the AFA Join the Westboro Baptist Church?

With all the Asatru Folk Assembly crap being flung around, you’re probably wondering what The Rational Heathen has to say.  Well, if you haven’t read my posts before, now is the time.  But I digress…

Before we get started, I must point out that I didn’t mean to insult the Westboro Baptist Church…Oh fuck, who am I kidding?  I most certainly did.  In a stunt that could only be pulled by people of that kind of caliber, the Asatru Folk Assembly, has determined that straight whites who uphold what I can only consider “traditional” Christian roles are allowed in their group.  That means, my friends, that “blacks need not apply” and that LGBTs and other minorities aren’t allowed to join in their goosestepping sessions.  Hel’s bells, I don’t fit the submissive, subservient woman, so you can betcha I am most certainly not welcome.  But I may try to get in just for a laugh and to spy on them until they kick me out.

Can you imagine me on their boards?

We hates Nazis, precious.  We hates it forever!

Tolerance: We’re Not Asking Them to Get Married to a Minority

Thanks to Huginn’s Heathen Hof for this clip.

In the words of the AFA states:

“…we believe gender is not a social construct, it is a beautiful gift from the holy powers and from our ancestors. The AFA celebrates our feminine ladies, our masculine gentlemen and, above all, our beautiful white children…”[emphasis mine]

Well, okay then.  Whether or not you agree with the LGBT lifestyle, whether you believe gender is a social construct or nature, whether or not you choose to marry a person of the color of your skin,  whether you prefer powerful or demur women or men, the reality is that we must live honorably.  That means living to a moral code that honors our ancestors and our gods. We are not judged like Christians are with their god, but we ARE judged by our actions.  Were they honorable? Did they uphold the heathen codes of conduct?

People are many things in this world.  They are husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, Christians, Heathens, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, atheists, daughters, sons, soldiers, doctors, dentists, plumbers, scientists, unemployed, teachers, friends, volunteers, firefighters, EMTs…the list goes on and on.  But the first thing every person is, is a human being. Judging a person by the color of their skin is a stupid, meaningless exercise since we’re so closely related, we’re basically a bunch of inbred primates. In fact, race is a construct. Judging the person by their sexual orientation is beyond idiotic.  If you have cancer, you don’t tell the greatest cancer surgeon that you don’t want him to operate on you because he’s gay.  You don’t ask the airlines about the pilots who fly you somewhere if they are your color or if they are straight.  You don’t stop depositing money in your bank account because the teller is Muslim.  Chances are  you don’t even know those facts about those people.  You just hope the doctor is good, the pilots will get you where you need to go safely, and the teller inputs the right information.  Why is this so hard for some people?

Treat the people with respect that are trying to help you.  Treat everyone as the human beings they are and if they prove not worthy of your respect by their actions, you can modify it.  It’s that simple.

Thanks to Xan of HHH for this

The Dirty Laundry — or Toleration for Goosesteppers  


It’s no secret that Heathenry has its share of dirty laundry.  Most is in the form of white supremacists and Nazis who think that by worshiping our Northern gods, we automatically cut out other races and minorities. The truth, however, is far from what the goosestepping crowd wants people to believe. The Northern peoples didn’t care about the color of your skin. They were an inclusive group who married into other cultures and fought beside those who considered them allies, regardless of their perceived orientation.  In fact, there were “black” Vikings.  No, kids, we aren’t pure.  Deal with it.

We have plenty of folks in Heathenry who dismiss the white supremacists as not being true heathens, and because they are not part of their kindred they aren’t a problem, but the reality is that if we have one group who tolerates bigoted behavior, it casts a bad light on all of us. You might as well be called a racist or intolerant bigot, yourself. No matter what you think or believe, if the AFA insists that unless you fit their bigoted criteria, you can’t join, you can bet the public and the media are going to color us all in that light.

It’s not enough to say you are against racism, bigotry, and chauvinism.  The fact that AFA promotes those “values” is enough to make you look racist, bigoted, and chauvinistic to the rest of the world.  Because our religion has such small numbers, we can’t afford to have these people among us.

Our Stories Do Not Support the AFA Stance

My good friends at the American Asatru Association drew up this little statement that brings our
religion into perspective.  Throughout our stories, our gods and goddesses prove time and again that they don’t behave anything like what the AFA wants to see in terms of traditional gender roles.  Our gods have had interracial relationships, have changed genders, and have crossdressed.   If you need to look for goddesses who are not overly feminine, we can point to Skadi and Freyja. Any women who handle weapons are not “traditional.”

The gods have had children with Frost Giants, Humans, and even a horse.  I am not saying that I approve of incest and bestiality (I most certainly do not), but we can’t point to our religion and claim that there is a basis for exclusion when it comes to people of other ethnicities and other sexual orientations.

Heathenry Should Be Open to All, Not Just White, Heterosexual Bigots

The reality is that Heathenry should be open to all except bigots, whether they are of a different ethnic background or have ancestry from Northern peoples, whether they are gay or straight, or whether they are crossdressers or dress according to whatever custom society expects. I have often said that we need to keep our doors open to everyone, and to make Heathenry a big tent, whether or not the person is of a different skin color or ethnicity, whether they are LGBT or heterosexual, and whether they have beliefs that shift toward Wiccan and Recon. There are places for these people within Heathenry.  Opening our doors to those who are different, but are not Nazis or white supremacists, means that we allow our religion to thrive and grow.  Staying in lock step with those who would exclude them makes absolutely no sense.

At this point, I applaud those groups who have taken a stance against bigotry and chauvinism.  While I don’t necessarily agree with all their beliefs, I must say that they are awesome groups who are willing to stand up against what is obviously wrong.  To the Asatru Folk Assembly, I would say that if you insist on being bigoted and upholding false, and ultimately Christian, beliefs by insisting on being racist, misogynistic, and homophobic, then I denounce you.  You are not Heathens, even if you claim to worship our gods.

7 thoughts on “When Did the AFA Join the Westboro Baptist Church?

  1. Read a few of your posts. Didnt agree with a few but thats no biggie.
    Then I saw you seem to be favorable with Hugginns “Heathen” Hof. You seem to be pro dymorphic aka “trans”?

    You call yourself Heathen or Odinist? Seriously?

    That bunch of universalist antifa scum has no place in heathenry. ….well…maybe they would be fine for keel hauling or maybe spear practice.

    1. Thanks for your comments. I happen to be a “universalist scum.” I believe that Heathenry is open to all, and not just white people of a given ethnicity and sexual preference. I believe that the gods don’t care what the color of your skin is. I also believe that they don’t give a shit as to your sexual preference or your gender identity. I DO believe that they care about your actions and whether you’re honorable.

      While I disagree with Antifa’s methods and communist leanings, I am also anti-fascist and anti-Nazi. In other words, I disagree with a lot of the left and right’s political views. So, you can put me as an annoyed “centrist” — something that is rare and getting rarer by the day. I am not an Odinist. And seeing as I did not choose my gods, my gods chose me, I think I’m on pretty firm ground here. So, call me a Universalist Scum. I’ll wear that title proudly.

  2. I´m Norwegian, living in western Norway. My ancestors are mostly from the mountains and fjords around Bergen, with some northern and Sámi blood mixed in.

    I´ve studied Norse history for quite a few years, and the whole idea of excluding POC and LGBTQ+ people from Asatru or any traditionally Norse traditions is utterly preposterous. Did anybody in ASA read the sagas and tales from the old days. Demure women?? White children?? The emphasis is on strength and honor for both men and women.

    Oh, and how about Thór crossdressing to infiltrate Jötunheimr. Also Loki basically being trans/bi – he did after all give birth to Sleipnir, sired by Svaðilfari…

    Also – stone age Norwegians had dark skin and blue eyes.
    So the AFA need to sit down and shut up.

  3. I am a member of the AFA and proud of it. I have read among the writing that Odin made the people of northern Europe and that we are his kin. We share a connection with the gods through blood and faith. I am not against you worshipping the Norse gods in your own way. We do not put down or discriminate against anyone for that would be against our code which is to demonstrate respect, honor, and integrity which is less than I can say about the leftist fake heathens. Our founder himself supports diversity for it is necessary for our very evolution. I am a centrist like you and have no racial issues or guilt. I talked to black people about joining the House of Troth as a more racially palatable alternative to the AFA. Their response was that they had no interest nor issue with my ethnocentrism group and agreed about drinking from your own well. Yes I know that white supremist have shown up in our group but also we have vetted them and once they are discovered we kick them out and sever all ties. I am a liberal anti leftist Asatruan (I know that sounds odd). I hope this clears up some of the issues you have with us and I wish you the best on your path to Valhalla. Hail Odin!

  4. Given a choice between ANTIFA and NAZIs I chose NAZIs every time. Mainly because as a Libertarian I get called a NAZI frequently by ANTIFA. I simply figure as many times as people I know to hold no racist or fascist beliefs are labeled NAZIs by ANTIFA I can only assume people I don’t know that ANTIFA has labeled as NAZIs aren’t fascists and are probably cool. Their record is so bad that anyone who takes their BS seriously is likely an idiot.

    1. Sigh. Seriously? I’m not fond of ANTIFA, but NAZIs? Dude…it’s not one or the other. It’s NONE OF THE ABOVE.

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