Rune Casting

Rune Casting

I’m a rune caster.  I’ve given some pretty amazing castings that were spot on, which is why I’m going to talk to you about them.  Everything within my scientific brain says they shouldn’t work.  And yet, everything I’ve experienced seems to point in the direction that the runes do work.  I once asked a friend who was getting his degree in Physics why it seemed to work.  He shrugged and told me that it was probably just the ambiguity of the runes.

He might be right.  What’s more, it’s likely that subconsciously my brain keeps track of the rune stones and how they feel.  So, when I do a reading, I’m actually tapping into my subconsciousness.

Why I Suspect a (Jedi) Mind Trick

The runes I use are usually made of some semi-precious gemstone.  In most cases, I’ve found myself most comfortable with my hematite set of runes. This set is made up of 25 hematite stones, of which 24 have rune letters engraved on them. Each stone is shaped differently.  Each stone is different in size. I do not use the blank rune as this is not a standard rune.  Nor do I do merkstave readings.  That comes from Tarot cards and I don’t think there is anything within early rune readings to support them.

At this point, I have to look at them and wonder how much my subconscious knows about these stones when I reach into the bag and pull them out.  My mind is preoccupied with the problem, but my subconscious is always there.  It’s been working out the problem by itself while the conscious self frets over it.  So, when I pull out some stones, it’s usually my subconscious talking to me.

I Hate Cards and I’m Not Sure the Tarot is Effective

One of the things I did at one point was purchase some rune cards. I hated them immediately, and after trying to do some readings with them, I tossed them aside. I had no link to them. They were just pieces of paper without life.

I doubt seriously that tarot works. I know a lot of people who swear by them, but I don’t see the link.  Maybe if your mind does recognize little imperfections in the cards, but that would be at a level I couldn’t imagine.

How I Read the Runes

I usually do a three rune reading. Foundation of the problem. obstacles to success, best possible outcome.  Sometimes the obstacles can actually be facilitators.  Go figure.  If I’m stumped, I’ll pull a fourth override rune.  No, there’s nothing about that in reading anywhere.  It’s something I do.

I’ve done the Teiwas Shoat and other readings, but most just get too complex.  There are a gazillion ways to read these runes and you can find them on the Internet, but I’m happy to suggest the books here to add to your library. I also am suggesting you get nice stone or wooden runes and start playing with them.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll be better at this than I am.

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  1. I don't know what sort of engineer you are, but having spent quite a few years around and in IT as aneeded auto didactic English major, I just have to say that first Rune bookay looks frighteningly like an O'Reilly book. Is there a Runes on Rails tome out there somewhere?

    Also a fabulous blog for a rational (mostly; okay half rational Gemini) newly birthed Heathen. And one with a monist view of the gods that is bound to provoke no end of I'm Doing It Wrong when I finish that post. Much to think about.

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