The Wights Won’t Let Me Go Back to Atheism

The Wights Won’t Let Me Go Back to Atheism

Well, okay, that was a shocker.  Sometimes I need to be reminded that the world really is weird and sometimes despite my statement being The Rational Heathen, I find something I can’t explain.  This time, it’s wights.

How This All Started

I’ve been reading quite a bit from the Atheist Republic  and finding that I have a lot in common with those unbelievers. I’ve never pretended to be a devout religious fanatic, which is why when I’ve communicated with Tyr and some of the other gods, I’ve felt like, well, a poser.  You see, I’d call myself agnostic in a heartbeat — except for that.  Today I was feeling pretty ambivalent about the gods and was about to say something on a private Facebook group about it, and when I hit enter, the words vanished.


None of my other posts had.  Just those.  Tried again.  Poof.

The Wights’ opinion and a Doctor Who Reference

I wrote “Okay, I was going to talk about my indecision about going back to atheism and the wights blew my words away. If they don’t behave themselves, I’ll threaten to call down Thor.”

I hit enter.  The only thing that appeared was Okay.

I edited the post and began to wonder what the fuck was going on.

Do the Wights Really Listen?

Well, crap on toast.  I don’t know what to think about that little interchange.  As a friend put it when I bemoaned why Tyr would even venture to approach a near atheist, she said “he must like a challenge.”  I guess that’s true.  I don’t know why Tyr would consider me, but I have some suspicions. And I’ve been surprised at some of the allies he’s picked to help me.  Maybe the wights are just part of that group of allies.

I kind of wonder since I did a salt ritual recently to clean out the bad wights if the good ones have stuck around and are trying to keep me heathen.  You have to wonder when your computer only acts weirdly when you write about them or question your own heathenism.  It doesn’t fuss when working on other more intensive projects.  Just saying.

My Atheist Leanings


Some days I feel like maybe it’s all a delusion and I really need to accept that there are no gods. I think that maybe I’m just giving myself consolation by thinking there are entities greater than ourselves that can help us through life.  Otherwise, life gets scary if we really think we’re on our own.

I can’t help but wonder if this was the rationality in looking for gods and wights.  It’s a big scary world when we can’t depend on anyone but ourselves.  That being said, I get weird shit happen when I question it. It’s like the gods set up those pesky wights to keep me in line.

I’ve still been losing critters, but not at the rate it has been.  Of course, some of it is just plain bad luck.  Some of it has to do with diseases.  I think it is funny when I start writing about wights, they pay more attention.  Maybe that’s the way heathenism works.

3 thoughts on “The Wights Won’t Let Me Go Back to Atheism

  1. Apparently, we have some things in common. I don't like labels, but I've identified as a Heathen for a while, despite the fact that I think the gods and wights are simply archetypes for understanding the supernatural/divine/unknown. Understanding concepts like Luck, wyrd, orlog, and gefrain are much more important (and practical) than worrying about gods/goddesses speaking to you, invisible beings influencing the behavior of livestock, or how to perform blot a certain way. I find most of the mythology to be just that; mythology. It's not meant to be taken literally, unless one wishes to undertake the hobby of Reconstruction and pretend they are an anthropologist. I'm not an anthropologist, I'm a man trying to live an honorable life. I use the lore and symbols of my ancestors as spiritual guides to wisdom and living justly and rationally. One doesn't need gods or wights to do that!

  2. After a childhood of being raised Protestant and a good ten years of searching for my path through Paganism, it scared the shit out of me when a friend said she was sending Thor my way and he actually showed up. I considered myself an Elemental Pagan at the time – the gods and goddesses were just symbols for natural forces. After Thor, Loki followed quickly, keeping me warm during a polar vortex in a house with no furnace, then the Mayan Goddess Ixchel, which is why I don't consider myself 100% Asatru.

  3. It shocked the Hel out of me when a friend said she was sending Thor my way and he actually showed up. I considered myself Elemental Pagan at the time – the gods and goddesses were just metaphors for natural forces. Loki followed soon after, then the Mayan Goddess Ixchel . . . she's the only reason I don't consider myself 100% Heathen, btw.

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