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When the Muse is a Bitch

When the Muse is a Bitch

I’ll be putting up more pieces from the premium website so you can check them out.  This one was dated Feb 17, 2017 and it’s the first When the Muse is a Bitch.

The muse, I swear, is a bitch.  Yeah, yeah, I know the moirae is Greek and we follow the Norse gods, but shit, my muse is a bitch.  Half the time I’m floundering for creativity while pumping out thousands of words every day on stuff that will never have my name attached to it. Of course, the gods don’t have any recommendations for me.  They’ve got better things to do than hear this human whine about her so-called lack of creativity.

So, I’ve decided to write up my crazy whinings in a weekly post that will (hopefully) show up on Wednesdays so you can really wonder what medications I need to be on.

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