Use Your Brain–and Listen to the Gods

Use Your Brain–and Listen to the Gods

One thing early on in my switch to Heathenism was my discovery that the gods actually had a lot to say to me.  As a scientist, my first thought was: “Okay, I’m losing it.” After all, if you’re hearing voices, chances are you’re suffering from something like schizophrenia.  That’s probably why my patron god eschews just popping into my brain unannounced. I’d just check myself into the local psychiatric clinic and be done with it. Which is why when I do get responses from the gods, it’s usually in some form I can accept and one that won’t leave me wondering if I need to check myself in for a thorough psychiatric evaluation.

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One thought on “Use Your Brain–and Listen to the Gods

  1. Aaaaahhhh, lookit here! something I can totally relate to! I thought I was the only one: a woman of science (not a rocket scientist, but I do have a degree in physics and maintain an amateur love of it). I struggle with my agnostic side even though the gods have made their selves perfectly clear to me and divination techniques eerily accurate (I predicted my family's house would burn down when I was 13 using tarot cards). It's a weird situation. I've always been drawn to the woo of the world, but I also love science.

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