Come to me with your A-Game

Come to me with your A-Game

Sheesh, some people.

Folks, if you’re going to refute me and expect a valid discussion, don’t come to me with your bullshit conspiracy sites and expect me to accept your word that it’s valid.  A blog site does not make facts.  Not even my blogs should be taken as ultimate facts, even though I do point to some pretty solid sources.  Do your research.  Not everything on the Internet is true.


What Constitutes a Site I will Accept as Fact

If you decide you need to post something, I will put forth the following test.  The site with your so-called “facts” must stand up to rigorous scrutiny by the scientific community.  And even then, things may get modified according to new information we get.  Here is a partial list of sites I will accept as factual:

  • Scientific sites that have been vetted by real scientists (the guy who created the Creationist Museum and those who propose crackpot ideas are not real scientists), that follow the scientific method, and whose actual propose theories which are being peer-reviewed or have been peer-reviewed and are accepted as viable theories.
  • Scientific sites by first world governments who have scientists who actually use the scientific method.
  • Information from major universities that are actually accredited and known for scientific advancement.
  • Real news agencies.  That can be the AP, UPI, Reuters, and many others.  Hel, I’ll consider the Guardian, New York Times, or even Fox News if the stories are legit and can be verified through secondary sources.  No, a tabloid or website you read on a daily basis doesn’t count. 
  • Blogs from any of the above entities.
  • Blogs that are scientific in nature that provide real references from any of the above sources.
  • A wiki article that actually references any of the above sources and deals with established scientific facts.

What I WON’T Accept

The list of what I won’t accept is probably longer than what I will accept. This includes:

  • Blog posts from anyone who is not considered an expert by the scientific community.
  • Religion blog posts, except in terms to establish what a particular religion believes, i.e., the Catholic Church’s blogs and websites about their own religion.
  • Statements that certain verifiable things in history never happened, i.e., the Holocaust, Nazi Germany, etc.
  • Bizarre statements about science and conspiracy theories, i.e., flat world, chemtrails, Illuminati, etc.
  • Opinion pieces taken as fact.
  • Hate speech.
  • Ad Hominem insults.
  • Pieces that go off on your own individual rant. I really don’t care what you’re ranting about today.  Seriously.
  • All the reasons mentioned in this post.  Yes, I am holding you to a high standard.  I especially love the following:

“Something you have said indicates to me that you lack the necessary factual grounding in order to have this argument, and I am completely uninterested in doing the background research for you.

  1. If you are interested in paying me to do the research for you, for example by way of writing an annotated bibliography that you can peruse at your convenience, we can discuss my hourly rates.”


You have said something so gob-smackingly insulting or downright evil that I don’t want to be on the same planet as you, let alone in some kind of intellectual interchange.

Oh, and this, too:

Mommy taught me not to feed the trolls.

Oh, wait, this is the last one, I promise: 

Responding substantively to this argument would give it more intellectual cachet than it deserves.

Go to Your Own Corner of the Interwebs


You disagree with me?  Okay, fine.  I live with people and animals disagreeing with me on a daily basis.  Not everyone is going to agree with what I have to say, and I’m more or less okay with that.  If you haven’t made up your mind what to think, that’s okay too.  I’m happy to chat with you on the Facebook board.  You’re welcome to ask questions or even ask for clarifications.

If I have ruined your day/life/eternity, you seriously need to get a life.  Preferably someplace very far away from me.  Like off this planet. Maybe somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy. Look, the Internet is a fine place and has all sorts of places for everyone.  Does what I say make you go back to your mom’s basement and start goosestepping to clear your brain?  Don’t read this.  Go somewhere else.

Look, not everyone is going to have your worldview.  If you disagree with me, that’s life.  Get over it.  You think I’m insane?  Okay, fine.  Open up your own blog and shout your worldview.  But don’t expect me to read it or give a rat’s ass about your feelings.  You’re a lost cause, IMNSHO. I’m looking to speak with those who are rational, or who will at least consider my points.  If I’m wrong, I’m a big girl and I’ll concede them.  But be on top of your A-Game.  I don’t deal with incoherent idiots.

Again, if You Missed It:  (With Feeling!)

I won’t feed trolls on the blog for a number of reasons.  You want to talk with me about it?  Go to The Rational Heathen’s Facebook Page and we’ll chat.  Seriously.  Don’t know where that is?  Look on the right handle upper corner of this blog.  Can’t miss the link there.

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