Tuesday, August 15, 2017

When the Muse is a Bitch, or Writing About American Runestones is Interesting

I had been meaning to do some research about runestones in America for a while, but just hadn't the time or inclination to spend the time on chasing down the information. So, when I got around to actually working on the post, I had no idea that I was turning over a rock that would have a bunch of dark, scurrying critters underneath.

 Oh. My. Gods.  When you start researching American runestones, you really descend into the realm of the crazies, so it's hard to  actually take the whole thing seriously when self-proclaimed experts claim that these stones were created by Templars, freemasons, Illuminati, or  ancient Egyptians.  I'm facepalming so much that I probably have bruises.  READ MORE FOR JUST $1...

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